Ex Situ Thermal Desorption using Smart Burners

Ex Situ Thermal Desorption (ESTD) using Smart Burners Technology is a system that is used for onsite soil treatment, when the soil is treated on site after excavation (no transportation off site).

The principle:

  • While building the pile, heating and extraction wells are layered into the soil. On the first layer of contaminated soil, a range of wells is placed. Then again a layer of soil, a range of wells, etc. In a standard design, piles are 20 meters long and between 2.70 and 6.40 meters high.

  • The volume of the soil to be treated determines the final width. In case of large volumes, the number of soil treatment units will be multiplied, and are set up week after week. As a result, with such an overlapping setup, large treatment capacities can be achieved with reasonable costs.

Smart Burners' benefits for ESTD

  • Sustainable remediation

    Recycling of contaminants and low energy consumption

  • Scalable to fit any size ESTD project

    Even small sites in urban areas or very large quantities in many batches

  • No large and costly power upgrades

    With natural gas or propane/diesel supplying the energy for heating, large and costly power upgrades are not required

  • Energy and cost savings

    The use of individually controlled Smart Burners allow for precise heating what is needed and no more, which translates to energy and cost savings

  • Even on remote sites

    A generator can be used for equipment that requires electric power (i.e. blowers, Smart Burner controls, etc.) for a completely off the grid system.

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