Origin of the incident

Historical pollution in a petrochemical unit.

Pollution description

  • Mainly hydrocarbons, BTEX, aromatic and aliphatic compounds
  • Presence of a free phase ranging from a few centimetres to several tens of centimetres on a fairly extensive surface.

Geography and nature of the terrain

Industrial zone near a river with strong level variations.

Variability of the groundwater

  • Average depth of aquifer 12 m below ground level.
  • 2.5 m groundwater variability, fast and induced by the level variations of the nearby river.

Solution implemented

  • Given the scope of pollution, installation of two pumping units DS 500-6D ATEX, equipped for pumping at a depth greater than 8.5 m, each connected to a 5000 L ST 5000 storage unit.
  • Utilisation de Use of 8 skimmers SKIM 4-250 specially developed to follow groundwater variation over 2.5 m.
  • The operation of the installation is controlled by the groundwater level. The thickness of the free phase is strongly linked to the position of the aquifer table.


Over a period of more or less four years, recovery of more than 93m3 L of pure product.

Key Data


Nb of Wells
8 wells

12 m

Pumping Unit
DS 500-6D

SKIM 4-250

Feyzin, France

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