Haemers Technologies acquires Dynaskim® LNAPL Skimming technology

Haemers Technologies acquires Dynaskim LNAPL Skimming technology

Haemers Technologies acquires Dynaskim® LNAPL Skimming technology

Haemers Technologies is pleased to announce an expanding of its range of remediation technologies and now offers an innovative and unique solution for groundwater treatment: Dynaskim® LNAPL skimming, a technology developed by ODS International SA.

This patented technology is exclusive and focused on the pumping-skimming of free phase hydrocarbons. Pollutants are recovered as fast as allowed by the soil permeability thanks to a maximized dynamic technology.

Thanks to the combination of The Smart Burners™ and LNAPL skimming, we are able to remediate both the vadose zone and the floating layers on groundwater. By expanding our scope of action, we firmly stay committed to our goal: innovate for your future and for a cleaner planet!

«We are very excited about this acquisition, as we will now be able to propose turn-key technological solutions for cases were both soil and groundwater are heavily contaminated» commented Jan Haemers, CEO of Haemers Technologies SA. He added «We are already in the process of combining thermal desorption with Dynaskim®’s unique and patented skimming technologies to extract much more pure product from the ground, and at a much faster pace».

In the words of Patrick François, Dynaskim®’s CEO: «The combination of the unique Dynaskim® technology and the local network of Haemers Technlogies licensees will bring a tremendous value proposition to end customers».

Jan Haemers concluded «We are looking forward to introduce Dynaskim® as an add-on to our technologies and have it applied by our licensees all over the world».

About Haemers Technologies
Haemers Technologies is a Belgian company specialized in soil remediation through thermal desorption. Its engineers are the inventors of the first mobile thermal systems, Smart Burners™ technology, reducing costs and environmental impact of thermal treatment, and increasing its applicability to in situ projects and remote sites. Through the last 25 years The Smart Burners™ technology continues to evolve and improve by
bringing new features (lower energy consumption for instance). The last development being a major step forward towards a more reliable, controllable process, wider applications and a larger variety of fuel types accepted.

About Dynaskim®
Dynaskim® finds its source in the year 1987 with the establishment of a company dedicated to the recovery of free phase hydrocarbons using its own technology. In 2000 the company was renamed ODS International when its innovative skimming technology was confirmed as the most suitable solution to remediate aquifers contaminated by free phase hydrocarbons. In 2003 the technology was confirmed to be unique and new, and protected by two patents.

Haemers Technologies acquires Dynaskim LNAPL Skimming technology
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