Portland – USA


Thermal desorption of 21.000 Tons of MGP TAR contaminated soil. The clean-up site is known as “The Pearl District” of Portland and is located downtown. It was a former manufacture gas plant (MGP) site operating from the 1930’s to mid 1950’s. The clean-up site was part of a major redevelopment project for the downtown area. Excavation took place on location, and contaminated soil to be thermally treated was transported to Haemers Technologies’ facility approximately 8 miles away.

Haemers Technologies was involved in the project for the thermal desorption treatment operation, as well as the set-up of all environmental, health and safety procedures for the operation of the thermal unit.


The project was performed by means of a parallel flow thermal desorption unit, with a nominal capacity of 50 t/h, equipped with an oxidizer, equipped with a nominal capacity of 50 t/h, equipped with an oxidizer, gas coolers, and bagh use. Production was limited due to the high moisture content exceeding 40 percent.

Treatment Target

The soil to treat was highly contaminated with PAH’s, had a high clay content, and a high moisture content. Other petroleum related contaminants were also found in the soil. The clean-up levels were less than 5 ppm for the total PAH’s and less than 100 ppm for the heavy petroleum.

This project was designed and executed by the current Haemers Technologies team, when they worked within the legal entity L&C SA (formerly Deep Green SA), which belongs to the Haemers Technologies group.

Key Data


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Treatment Targets

Portland – USA

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