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Highlights of our best moments with the Haemers's team
Discover our best moments inside Haemers's team of 2017.
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Discover our Rue de la Science Project - In situ Remediation of a parking lot.
Rue de la Science's site was initially polluted by a leaking tank containing fuel.
After thermal desorption with Smart Burners technology, samples analyzed by an external certified lab showed that depollution was achieved and allowed to reduce organic pollution to 300mg/kg dm, when it previously revealed pollution peaks to 5000mg/kg dm.
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Discover one of our partnership project in China
Pilot In Situ thermal desorption of an abandoned open field (previously a dye plant). Soil is contaminated with various chlorinated products.
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R&d Department and tests at Haemers Technologies
An overview of Haemers Technologies' Research & Development laboratories (in Waterloo and Headquarters):
Thermal tests on soil samples and condensate recovery tests.
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Discours de Céline Fremault, Ministre de l'Environnement (French)
Discours de Céline Fremault, Ministre bruxelloise de l'Environnement et de l'Energie lors du Haemers Technologies Inauguration Day. English version available soon.
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Prince Philippe of Belgium meets Deep Green and Jan Haemers, Brussels, 09-17-2009
Prince Philippe of Belgium was visiting Deep Green, founded by Jan HAEMERS in 1999. The Prince visited a construction site in Brussels. The visit took place in the framework of a series of visits devoted to Belgian companies active in the field of renewable energies and sustainable development.
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Prince Philippe of Belgium inaugurates new Rotary Kiln engine - Adelanto, California (USA) 2002
Prince Philippe of Belgium inaugurates a new machine for thermal desorption in a polluted soil treatment facility in Los Angeles, USA. An archive of Haemers Technologies.
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Brussels Technologies Innovation Awards - Thermopile©
Deep Green wins the Brussels Innovation Technology Award in 2007.
An interview with Jan HAEMERS, Founder of the company. An archive of previous Jan HAEMERS's company Deep Green, which no longer exists.
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