🌟 Dynamic. Visionary. Empowering. 💡

🌟 Dynamic. Visionary. Empowering. 💡

At Haemers Technologies, we believe in recognizing the remarkable talent within our organization, and this time, it’s the Management Department’s turn to shine!

So let’s take a closer look at the individuals who drive our vision and lead their teams to greatness.

At the forefront, our leader Jan Haemers who sets the course for our organization’s long-term goals. He can always count on his trusted CSO Hatem Saadaoui, leading significant scientific research projects, and on his Executive Assistant Fanny Vandekerckhove, bringing vital support across departments.

The financial mastermind that ensures stability and growth is found in the person of Paul Adam, and Nadia Leroy is our people’s advocate, fostering a supportive work environment for our talented team.

But that’s not all! Our Management Department wouldn’t be complete without our dedicated Managers:
🔎 Aline Jordens leads our Research and Development team with passion,
🤝 Aurélien Vandekerckhove guides our sales team to new opportunities,
🌍 Willian Felipe DO PRADO masters seamless operations for efficiency and excellence.

Together, they form an unstoppable force, making strategic decisions, empowering their teams, and providing valuable guidance to our Team Leaders. Their collective expertise and leadership drive our success, and we couldn’t be prouder of their contributions!

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