Remote Location

How to deal with contaminated soil at remote locations?

It is a frequently asked question in the environmental sector, as the level of contamination in most cases is substantial and the cost of sustainable and reliable remediation solutions is often quite high. These high costs are mainly caused by high transportation costs to move the soil to a remediation facility (there are examples of transport over thousands of kilometers, just to get it into a landfill…), and the costs of mobilization of equipment and human resources to the site.

Remediating your soil at a remote location with Smart Burners is an attractive alternative, both from an economical as well as an environmental perspective.


  • Easy to handle

    Works in extreme weather conditions (tropical to arctic).
    Transport of a Smart Burner installation is simple, as the units and tubes can be put on standard trucks or containers.

  • Reliability and control

    The heating process can be controlled remotely, while time and results are quite predictable: in 4-6 weeks of heating, dependent on the design chosen, the soil will be cleaned to target level. The control of progress and performance of the TCU’s can be done remotely. Only limited resources will be needed onsite and probably not full time.

  • Energy Need

    A thermal installation needs energy input. The Smart Burners are fueled with gas, that may be available on the site: natural, propane or even methane (flare) gas. An alternative is the use of diesel. Electricity is needed but can be delivered by a generator. Energy may be readily available on site.

Discover our remediated sites at remote location:

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