Our Partners

Our Partners

Partnerships are a crucial element in Haemers Technologies’ business model. The Smart Burners technology is a great innovation and a step forward in the development of thermal remediation methods. Haemers Technologies’ strategy is to develop the Smart Burners technology based remediation business internationally, but we are aware that being successful in this is not only a matter of having a great technological solution.

Each project has local aspects, of laws and regulations, politics, stakeholders and competition. Therefore, Haemers technologies is developing a network of value-adding partners, consisting of well-established companies that are active in the field of soil remediation.

Partnerships may take various forms, but are mostly licensed based: the partner is entitled and trained to use the core Smart Burners technology, for which he pays a fee. Dependent on the contract this can be a fixed amount or a fee based on the actual use of Smart Burners Technology in projects or a mixture of both.

Training is essential. Gradually, in joined execution of projects with Haemers technologies and through dedicated training, the partner gains sufficient know-how and experience to market and operate Smart Burners Technology based thermal projects all by himself. Of course with the support of Haemers Technologies engineers where needed…
With multiple companies we are discussing future co-operation, looking for first projects to work together.

For more information please contact us at contact[@]haemers-tech.com.

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