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Haemers Technologies proposition for Real Estate Companies

ISTD (In Situ Thermal Desorption) = no excavation needed
It often occurs that real estate companies are confronted with contaminated soil in a property, creating a legal and financial problem for transfer of ownership.


  • Under buildings

    Next to this, the technology can be applied even on locations that are difficult to reach: under buildings, in cellars, in parking lots, etc. That is possible as the thermal installation consists in fact of individual heating elements, that are put in the soil.

    Measurements in projects that have been executed show that the thermal treatment has no impact on building construction and stability. This is also supported by third party theoretical and practical research. (see also our FAQ).

  • Short time frame

    An ISTD project normally takes only a few months, from installation to de-mobilization, with actual heating times of 4 to 6 weeks, dependent on the type of contaminants and limit the nuisances for local people.

  • Results guaranteed at fixed price

    The Smart Burners technology solves this problem by offering guaranteed results at a fixed price. We can do so, as thermal treatment is a very reliable and predictable method to remove organic pollutants from the soil

If we can drill, we can treat!

  • The elements of the thermal installation are easy to handle, and the design of the complete installation can be adapted to local circumstances. We have been treating soil in the cellar of an apartments building, while the occupants of the building did not even notice a remediation project was ongoing.

  • The placement of the heating tubes does not have to be horizontally, but can be done in every direction: vertically or inclined the system works equally well.

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