Do you want to work in a young, dynamic, international, and family-like company while making our planet clea­ner? Haemers Technologies is the company you are looking for! We advocate autonomy and foster new ideas. We offer you a pleasant work environ­ment and the opportunity to develop professionally.

  • Missions:
    The project engineer is integrated into the Engineering|Project Management department and participates in the elaboration of commercial offers through the writing of the technical offer and the costing. They are regularly integrated into one or more project teams as Project Managers (PM), Principal Engineers (PPE) or Project Engineers (PE). The project engineer can follow several projects at the same time.

    The study and improvement of methods and processes in order to optimize the organization and execution of projects are also an integral part of the project engineer’s mission.

    The project engineer will be part of the Engineering & Operations department and will report to the Operations Manager.

  • Activities:
    – Design and model a project from a basic to a detailed stage
    – Write safety plans and risk analyses
    – Define the resources needed for the projects (people, equipment)
    – Establish quotations with suppliers in consultation with the purchasing department
    – Calculate costing budgets as a basis for the financial offer
    – Technical support to site supervisors
    – Preparation of technical and financial reports (project management)
    – Technology survey and writing of technical notes
    – Study and improve methods and processes in order to optimize the organization of projects
    – Coordinate studies and tests on processes
    – Optimize processes by staying on top of technical, economic and environmental advances

    Required skills:
    – Autonomy, adaptability, thoroughness and responsiveness
    – Ability to organize and plan
    – Team spirit, initiative, adaptability and observation
    – Available, proactive and solution-oriented
    – Sense of responsibility
    – Oral and written communication skills

    Conditions related to the position:
    The project engineer will be required to carry out short and medium term missions abroad on the organization’s sites.

Please send a cover letter with your CV addressed to Nadia Leroy at:

  • Missions:

    The intern will join the Communication & Marketing team and will participate in maintaining and improving the company’s visibility

    The company’s global strategy, as well as in the organization of events. He/she will take a active part in the daily life of the team.

  • Activities:

    • Participate in communication projects: Helping with online and offline content creation: brochure layout, video capture, visuals for website and social networks, help in the organization of webinars and events/shows, …
    • Participate in the implementation of the digital strategy
    • Help manage our online channels (website + social networks)
    • Perform various monitoring and analysis: website performance, social  networks, competitive intelligence
    • Writing web content (short articles, blog, news, CM, …)

    Required skills:

    • Knowledge of Pack Office
    • Knowledge of multiple digital channels (SEO/SEA, Email Marketing, Community Management)
    • Knowledge of WordPress (asset)
    • Affinity with creative software: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, … (asset)
    • Ability to listen and observe
    • Organizational skills and autonomy
    • Real desire to learn and develop versatility
    • Perfect French-English spelling
    • Team spirit, initiative, adaptability

    Softskills in line with HAEMERS Technologies values:

    We are committed : Motivation – Autonomy – Customer orientation
    We are innovative : Creativity – Vision – Initiative
    We are unique & united : Respect – Collaboration – Adaptability


    • Training Student in Communication & Marketing : community manager, graphic designer, digital marketer, …
    • Languages : French & English
    • Computer skills : Ms Office, WordPress, Google Analytics, Adobe, ..

    Positioning in the organization :

    Communication & Marketing Department

Please send a cover letter with your CV addressed to Nadia Leroy at:

  • Requested profile:
    – Engineer in last year or end of the penultimate year with a solid technical training in thermodynamics or mechanics/energy
    – Fluent in English
    – Environmental impact studies
    – Basic accounting and costing training
    – First experience in carbon credit’s field very appreciated but not essential
  • Project context:
    You will have the opportunity to participate in a study involving a comparison on several standard projects by exploring the variations of:
    – contaminants (chlorinated, thc, nitrogen, Hg, infectious substances and drugs, mix,…)
    – concentrations
    – the in-situ/ex-situ method
    – the (hydro)geological situation
    –  the neighbourhood (urban, natural, industrial)
    – the energy’s availability locally

    By drawing on the many sites and studies of HAEMERS Technologies, carrying out simulations, elaborating models and relying on studies and models published by other market players.

Please send a cover letter with your CV addressed to Nadia Leroy at:

Didn’t find the job you are looking for?
Please make an appoinment and send your CV to Mrs Leroy at:

We hope to find you a place in our company!

Toufik Djoudi

Technical Expert

“Our projects, like everything in life, experience ups and downs and even sometimes doubts. Each project is a challenge we enjoy overcoming together. Our greatest joy is to end a project and deliver clean soils to our clients. Our motto is, as Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Every obstacle yields to stern resolve”.

Rabih Jenadri

Innovation Engineer

“Before being contacted by Haemers Technologies for my first interview, 6 years ago, I was not aware that soil’s thermal treatment existed. Our field is so specific that every time I meet new people, they are impressed by what we do. I am myself impressed by the fast growth of our company and by our ever-growing international notoriety”.

Samuel Alves

Head of Communication

“Haemers Technologies has an open mind towards its employees. Haemers’ positive spirit pulls people up, allows an active listening and guides our members while allowing them to be fully themselves”.

Nadia Leroy

HR Manager

“From a management position in an advertising company to HR Manager in an SME… what a great career transition after 30 years! I am fortunate to have the CEO and managers’ trust in the recruitment process. We were 7 and now, we are around 40. We have talented people and are diversified with an average of 17 different backgrounds. In addition to our skills, this diversity brings a richness that I had never encountered before. Looking forward to seeing all these young people grow and hoping they will keep the human values that tipped the balance in the interview throughout their future careers”.

Willian Felipe Do Prado

Operations Coordinator

“It’s quite difficult to sum up my daily tasks as they are changing every day: ranging from project management to engineering and redaction of business offers. When we go on site, the work becomes even more exciting. We develop a wide range of skills such as daily reporting to the client, improvement of the installation and assurance that everything is working well. We are brought to solve different kind of problems and that is what makes our job rewarding and stimulating”.

Aline Jordens

Team Leader Innovation

“I have been working at Haemers Technologies for 4 years and had the opportunity to be involved in many different tasks. What I appreciate about my work is the non-routine tasks. Each of us may have to work on different projects, with different teams, which also allows us to get to know each other better. And there is no better way to work than with friends!”

Patrick Vilette

Supervisor Dynaskim

“Working in the pollution remediation sector since 2002, I am passionate about thermal treatment. The start-up phases of an installation, its follow-up, both In Situ and Ex Situ, are always a great moment, this technique is brilliant for the technician I am”.

Yves Randoux

IT Innovation Manager

“Haemers Technologies is a company where everybody helps each other and understands that you have sometimes other priorities. It is refreshing to work with people that are motivated by their work and ready to make a difference. And I am not even talking about the fact that working to help clean up our planet makes your job even more rewarding”.

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