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  • Description:
    The role of the Sales Assistant is to respond to customer needs while supporting the Customer Success Manager (CSM) in his external activities and through the generation of technical-commercial offers.

    He/she is the guardian of the process and the quality of the outputs (form, not substance).

    He/She is responsible for receiving all requests for proposals, generating them with an automated tool (with the assistance of a CSM) and ensuring their follow-up.

    He/she is responsible for the regular maintenance of the CRM.

    He/She identifies target companies and their contacts through various sources available (web, social networks, tools, trade shows, etc.). He/She can also conduct targeted qualification campaigns using target segmentation, with the objective of identifying leads.

    He/She is responsible for the management of the licensee training center.

    He/She will be required to participate in sales meetings whether it be in the context of following up an opportunity or a licensee.

    Positioning in the organization:
    The Sales Assistant reports to the Business Development Team Leader.

  • Missions:
    -Ensure the proper flow of information within the department
    -Support the sales team in the development of the commercial activity and the customer portfolio
    -Generate technical-commercial offers
    -Write emails, file correspondence, and update client/opportunity files
    -Contribute to the improvement of CRM tools
    -Participate in mailing actions
    -Translate and proofread business documents
    -Follow up on trade shows
    -Write the internal newsletter

  • Required skills:
    -Fluency in English and French
    -Mastery of the Pack Office
    -Organizational skills, rigor and logic
    -Good communication skills, both written and spoken
    -Team spirit, initiative taking, adaptation and observation ability, proactivity and solution oriented
    -Ability to analyze and anticipate


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  • Requested profile:
    – Engineer in last year or end of the penultimate year with a solid technical training in thermodynamics or mechanics/energy
    – Fluent in English
    – Environmental impact studies
    – Basic accounting and costing training
    – First experience in carbon credit’s field very appreciated but not essential
  • Project context:
    You will have the opportunity to participate in a study involving a comparison on several standard projects by exploring the variations of:
    – contaminants (chlorinated, thc, nitrogen, Hg, infectious substances and drugs, mix,…)
    – concentrations
    – the in-situ/ex-situ method
    – the (hydro)geological situation
    –  the neighbourhood (urban, natural, industrial)
    – the energy’s availability locally

    By drawing on the many sites and studies of HAEMERS Technologies, carrying out simulations, elaborating models and relying on studies and models published by other market players.

Please send a cover letter with your CV addressed to Nadia Leroy at:

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