HAEMERS Technologies is a growing Belgian company, located in Brussels, that has developed new skills and techniques in soil remediation by thermal desorption in situ and on site. Enthusiasm and shared passion are two of the team’s values.

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  • Description :

    Le contrôleur de gestion rapporte au COO dans le département Office Support.

    Il/Elle supervise les états financiers de l’entreprise, l’application des normes comptables, en relation avec les tiers. Veillant à la fiabilité des données recueillies, il établit les processus clés de contrôle de gestion et participe au développement des outils décisionnels destinés au management.

    Il/Elle coache et supervise le comptable interne et entretient les relations régulières avec la fiduciaire et les réviseurs futurs.

    Les tâches très diversifiées exigent une grande polyvalence et une maîtrise du logiciel Winbooks.

    Missions :
    En support du COO/CFO et en étroite collaboration avec les collaborateurs internes, vos responsabilités seront les suivantes :

    • Implémentation et amélioration des outils de reporting
    • Établissement des plans financiers
    • Mise en place de méthodes de travail et d’outils d’analyse de contrôle
    • Création et développement de tableaux de bord et d’indicateurs
    • Coordination de l’établissement et suivi du budget de la société
    • Établissement de plans d’actions visant l’amélioration des performances financières
    • Coaching du comptable interne

    Le Contrôleur de gestion travaille en étroite collaboration avec le service achats, les chefs de projet, le responsable des opérations et la DRH.

    Compétences :

    • Très bonne maîtrise de MS Office. La connaissance de Winbooks constitue un plus.
    • Bonne connaissance opérationnelle (orale et écrite) de l’anglais.
    • Sens aigu de l’analyse.
    • Rigoureux et capable de travailler sans stress dans le respect des délais.
    • Orienté «solutions» et «résultats»
    • Apte à traiter les dossiers d’un œil critique
    • Capacité à travailler aussi bien de manière autonome qu’en équipe.
    • Disponibilité rapide

    Education : 

    • Master (en finance, économie ou équivalent) ayant une expérience finance, audit.
    • Expérience de 3 à 5 années en contrôle de gestion et de préférence dans un Big 5


Please send a cover letter with your CV addressed to Nadia Leroy at:

  • Description :

    The Management Accountant reports to the COO within the Office Support department.

    He/She oversees the financial records of the company, the application of the accounting standards, in relation with third parties. He/She ensures the reliability of the collected data and establishes the key management control processes. He/She also participates in the development of decisional tools for the management.

    He/She coaches and oversees the in-house accountant and has regular contacts with the intermediary and future inspectors.

    Due to the diversity of the tasks, a strong adaptability and knowledge of Winbooks are required.

    Missions :
    Supporting the COO/CFO, and in close collaboration with the in-house staff, your responsibilities will be as follows:

    • Implementation and improvement of reporting tools
    • Setting-up of working methods and control analysis tools
    • Creation and development of dashboards and indicators
    • Coordination of the setting-up and follow-up of the company’s budget
    • Establishment of the action plans aimed at improving the financial performances
    • Coaching of the in-house accountant

    The Management Accountant works in close collaboration with the Purchasing Department, the Project Managers, the Operations Officer and the HR Manager.

    Skills :

    • Excellent knowledge of MS Office. Knowledge of Winbooks is an asset.
    • Good working knowledge of English (spoken and written).
    • Sharp sense of analysis.
    • Meticulous, able to work without stress and respect of the deadlines.
    • Solutions oriented and result-driven.
    • Ability to handle files with a critical eye.
    • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
    • Quickly available.

    Education : 

    • Master (finance, economics or equivalent) with experience in finance and audit.
    • 3 to 5 years of experience in management control, preferably in one of the Big 5 companies.

Please send a cover letter with your CV addressed to Nadia Leroy at:

  • The Project Engineer is part of the Engineering Department and manages the projects for which he/she is responsible of, from its conception to its realization on the field. He/She validates the worksite assembly on the field throughout the treatment. He/She is a technical support to the workers on the field. He analyses the information collected by them. He/She validates the various sites technical phases. He/She writes mid-treatment and end-of-treatment technical reports. He/She validates the installation on site prior the treatment start.

    The Project Engineer can follow several projects at the same time.

    Organizational level:
    The Project Engineer reports to the Technical Manager.

    Design and model a project (engineering)
    Draft the Operational Manual
    Draft safety plans and risk analysis
    Follow-up of treatment sites
    Technical support to field supervisors
    Draft analysis reports during processing
    Draft of the end report

    The project engineer is based at the headquarters in Brussels but will have to travel abroad (Europe and outside Europe) for meetings prior worksite, site evaluation visits, technical validation of installations, etc.

    Autonomy, ease of adaptation, rigour and reactivity. Organizational and planning capacity.
    Team player, available
    Microsoft Office
    Fluent in English

    General Engineer or technical experience

    The project Engineer will report to the Technical Manager running the Engineering department. He/She will have to organise is work among a team of designer, logisticians and supervisor to carry out his project. He/She will organize periodic follow-up meetings of the project and will report on the site’s progress.

  • What we offer: A full-time permanent contract

Please send a cover letter with your CV addressed to Nadia Leroy at:

  • Requested profile:
    – Engineer in last year or end of the penultimate year with a solid technical training in thermodynamics or mechanics/energy
    – Fluent in English
    – Environmental impact studies
    – Basic accounting and costing training
    – First experience in carbon credit’s field very appreciated but not essential
  • Project context:
    You will have the opportunity to participate in a study involving a comparison on several standard projects by exploring the variations of:
    – contaminants (chlorinated, thc, nitrogen, Hg, infectious substances and drugs, mix,…)
    – concentrations
    – the in-situ/ex-situ method
    – the (hydro)geological situation
    –  the neighbourhood (urban, natural, industrial)
    – the energy’s availability locally

    By drawing on the many sites and studies of HAEMERS Technologies, carrying out simulations, elaborating models and relying on studies and models published by other market players.

Please send a cover letter with your CV addressed to Nadia Leroy at:

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