Our History

The Best Way to your soil.

  1. Adelanto, California (USA)

    Our first American subsidiary TPS Technologies Inc.
  2. First US Patent

    TPS Technologies Inc was granted the first U.S. patent for mobile, onsite soil treatment using thermal remediation techniques (rotary kilns)

    JAN HAEMERS founds DEEP GREEN SA, based in Brussels and active solely in thermal desorption
  4. Acquisition of TPS Technologies Inc.

    DEEP GREEN acquires 100% of TPS Technologies Inc.
  5. 2nd Patent application

    Patent application for Thermopile invented by Jan Haemers.
  6. Divestment of Rotary Kilns in US

    8,000,000 tons of soil impacted by virtually every organic contaminant treated. Divestment of main rotary kilns activities in US to focus on new technologies.
  7. R&D launch

    Launch of large R&D  program for innovative thermal desorption technologies
  8. 3rd Patent Application

    Patent application for NSR invented by Jan HAEMERS & Hatem SAADAOUI.
  9. 4th Patent Application

    Patent application for LVI invented by Jan HAEMERS & Hatem SAADAOUI
  10. Patent application for Smart Burners

    Patent application for SMART BURNERS, invented by Jan HAEMERS and Hatem SAADAOUI. The company changes its name to HAEMERS Technologies

Our History

Our history goes back to our American subsidiary TPS Technologies Inc., that started thermal remediation in 1989 in Adelanto, California, with the construction and operation of one of the world’s first low temperature thermal desorption fixed facility for petroleum contaminated soil.

Number of patents have been successfully implemented on a wide range of petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated, persistent and semi-volatile compounds by our projects team.

HAEMERS Technologies Group is composed of HAEMERS Technologies SA and L&C SA (formerly Deep Green SA).

Current projects are all based on our own proprietary technologies, invented by our engineers. Haemers Technologies implements its technologies both directly and through a network of licensees, who are fully trained partners, implementing them in their own local markets.

Even if the identity of our company changed, even if our teams are enlarged and our projects are more and more numerous, our values, our goals and our working methods remain the same.

Our Background

Our core competence is in the development and application of thermal technologies for remediation of heavily contaminated soil and other waste streams. The flexibility of our Smart Burners Technology allows treatment of remote sites, but also under buildings. Sites may vary from very small to multiple thousands of m2, bringing reliable, final solutions for major problems that for instance Oil & Gas and Real Estate companies are facing.

HAEMERS Technologies SA is a Belgian based company founded by Jan HAEMERS. The HAEMERS Technologies team consists of people who have been working in the field of thermal remediation for many years. HAEMERS Technologies, goes back to the American company that was acquired by Jan HAEMERS in 2000.

Since then the HAEMERS Technologies people have successfully completed over 50 In-Situ and 200 on-site remediation projects across four continents, having treated over 8,000,000 tons of soil both at fixed treatment facilities and using on-site and/or in situ thermal remediation technologies. Their experience has always stimulated innovation.

HAEMERS Technologies engineers are the inventors of the first mobile thermal systems and the actual award winning Smart Burners technology, reducing costs and environmental impact of thermal treatment, and increasing its applicability to in situ projects and remote sites.

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