Oil and Gas

Haemers Technologies propositions for the Oil & Gas industry

Oil production does not go without environmental risk and local social impact: leakages of crude oil, gas flaring, toxic waste. More and more responsible oil companies are aware of their responsibilities and their heritage and develop programs to deal with social and environmental issues linked to their current and past activities.

Haemers Technologies offers with the Smart Burners a proven solution for the remediation of soil, mostly contaminated by hydrocarbons in quite high concentrations.

  • Large scale capabilities (including oil pits)

  • Operates according to the strictest Health & Safety standards

  • Up to 70% of oil recovery

Once vaporized, oil can be used as source of energy for the heating elements. Though when extracted from the soil by a Vapor Treatment Unit (VTU) system, the crude oil can be recuperated through a condensation system. In fact, with this approach, recycling of a large part of the oil can be achieved, creating value and less environmental impact. With the correct design we can recover up to 70% of the initial oil contained in the soil.

Flare gas can be used as fuel for the burners, which is often available at on-shore production sites. Where petroleum crude oil is extracted, raw natural gas is often produced to the surface as well. Especially in areas where natural gas recovery facilities are lacking, this gas is often flared as unusable waste and It is possible to beneficially use this gas as energy source for the thermal remediation system.

An alternative is the use of propane gas or diesel, in case natural gas is unavailable. For instance, on remote locations, Haemers technologies can adapt the burners and use diesel instead of gas.

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