Smart Burners

Smart Burners

Thermal Conductive Heating using Smart Burners Technology was specifically developed to solve soil pollution problems and may be the perfect answer in urban environments.

The principle is a two phases process:

  • The soil is heated up to a temperature where contaminants vaporise

    The soil is heated by stainless steel heating tubes put into the soil, through which hot air is circulating.

  • The polluted gases are extracted and the contaminants are recycled

    Vapors containing the volatilized contaminants are recovered through a separate soil, vapor extraction network and recycled either as fuel in the smart burners or as liquids after condensation

  • Result is clean soil in a short timeframe, reliable and definitive

    Soil can be re-used and no organic contamination is left behind. Each heater is designed for in-situ or ex-situ implementation confined environments (such as basements or existing buildings). It can be applied in large sites as well as in Smart burners can be applied alone or in combinations with other technologies for optimal result.

The benefits of our Smart Burners

  • Very flexible system, easy to transport, install and demobilize

    The Smart Burners system consists of small heating units (burners) connected to steel tubes that serve as heating elements. Each burner and tube can be considered to be a thermal unit.

  • Limited nuisances (excavation, noise, odors, traffic, etc.)

    No excavation and transport of soil necessary.

  • Affordable and fixed price, fast execution

    Especially when needed for a real estate transaction. It is priced as an alternative to other technologies, especially other (thermal) options to eliminate the contamination, that are substantially costlier.

  • Scalable, flexible and easy-to-handle system

    “Only heat what you need to treat”

  • Flexible installation heaters, everywhere

    Even where difficult access impedes other technologies, Smart Burners Technology allows to be applied in nearly any configuration (horizontal, vertical, slant) including under buildings, in basements and subterranean utilities.

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