🌟 Strategic. Proactive. Ambitious. 💡

🌟 Strategic. Proactive. Ambitious. 💡

Today, we’re highlighting our Business Development and Engineering department, a team dedicated to the growth of our company.

On the Business Development side, their mission is to explore new horizons by prospecting potential customers and study consultancies. Their aim is to make us known and bring back promising projects.

They work tirelessly to respond to invitations to tender, using our powerful tool, the calculator, to issue precise commercial offers. Rigorous bid tracking brings them closer to conversion into signed contracts and the realization of exciting projects.

What’s more, they actively participate in events such as trade fairs and shows, and organize webinars, where they enthusiastically share their expertise.

On the Engineering side, it’s a brilliant team dedicated to the technical side of the offerings. They designed the calculator, a real technological feat that automatically assesses costs based on customer data.

Every day, they strive to improve the calculator, keeping it at the cutting edge of innovation, to respond specifically to each project. Meticulous attention is paid to the detail calculator, for tailor-made solutions that live up to our ambitions.

The Business Development and Engineering department is the driving force behind our growth and success. Their combined efforts ensure a holistic approach, where engineering and business relations unite to bring exceptional projects to life.

So let’s give a big shoutout to Aurélien VandekerckhoveMaël MakoudiLéa DeceuninckJean RhonéErwan GoulianDavid AguileraMartin GrandAlex ARABIANRafael MOUZER and Pierre Henrot !

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