Hanoi Seminar – Presenting the results of the Bien Hoa Airforce Base ESTD soil remediation

Hanoi Seminar – Presenting the results of the Bien Hoa Airforce Base ESTD soil remediation

It is with great pride that we were able to present, yesterday, in Hanoi, the excellent results of our site at the Bien Hoa Airforce Base in Vietnam.
A great joint project with GAET and CTET/Chemical Force of the Vietnam Ministry of Defense.

During this seminar, we were able to demonstrate the efficiency of Ex Situ Thermal Desorption for the treatment of dioxin-contaminated soils (Agent Orange in this case).

Find the Reference project sheet here.

This was the perfect demonstration of a strong team work where the motivation to achieve great results has never failed!
We are very happy and proud their work had media coverage. All links below!

Our team is ever more committed for a more sustainable future for all.

We would also like to thank Finexpo for their support!

Big up to our ambassadors: Jan HaemersAline JordensMaël MakoudiNina LeFanny Vandekerckhove

Learn more about our technologies here.

Media coverage:
https://en.vietnamplus.vn/belgium-helps-vietnam-seek-dioxin-treatment-technology-at-bien-hoa-airport/231191.amp (English)
https://lecourrier.vn/le-traitement-de-la-dioxine-a-laeroport-de-bien-hoa-au-menu-dun-colloque/1036295.html (French)
https://www.qdnd.vn/quoc-phong-an-ninh/tin-tuc/bao-cao-ket-qua-thu-nghiem-cong-nghe-xu-ly-dioxin-697306 (Vietnamese)
https://nhandan.vn/moi-truong/san-bay-bien-hoa-giam-muc-do-o-nhiem-ve-muc-duoi-300-ppt-teq-701422/ (Vietnamese)
https://media.qdnd.vn/tin-tuc/ket-qua-thu-nghiem-xu-ly-dioxin-tai-san-bay-bien-hoa-bang-cong-nghe-giai-hap-nhiet-54777 (Vietnamese)
https://tienphong.vn/post-1446308.tpo (Vietnamese)

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