Business partnerships: an underestimated strength

Business partnerships: an underestimated strength


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Haemers Technologies has been actively and remarkably involved in soil remediation for several decades. The echo of 30 years of experience in the field of thermal desorption has been heard far beyond the national level and resonates across several continents.

However, no success is certain without the right partners. That is why we place great importance on business partnerships because we believe that it is a great factor for development.


There are several reasons to favor business-to-business partnerships. Among these reasons, the main ones are:

  • International expansion

Business partnerships allow you to go beyond your national market and multiply and seize opportunities in several countries and continents. They consequently facilitate the expansion and  increase the awareness on the international level. The reputation can be extended by mouth-to-mouth , communication on digital channels, presence at trade shows.

  • Company synergy and the creation of a solid network

Competence and expertise make the difference for a company. Corporate partnerships are an excellent way to exchange skills, both technical and intellectual. Indeed, it allows the combination of knowledge and expertise in order to create a solid and accredited synergy. This synergy not only increases competitiveness but also makes the partner companies stronger. As the famous saying goes: “There is strength in numbers”.

  • The transmission of know-how:

Corporate partnerships contribute to the transmission of their expertise, and thus to the transmission of their know-how on a larger scale. This is done by developing and offering a wider range of products and services to reach new markets.

You will have understood that it is through a vast transmission of know-how that it is possible to expand more easily on an international scale and to increase the reputation at a greater speed. The corporate partnership must remain in a recurring efficiency. The transmission and improvement of know-how must therefore remain constant throughout the partnership at the risk of losing efficiency.



Even if the selection criteria depend on each company, in general, certain factors can influence this choice. Among these influencing factors, we can count: the values of the company, its field of activity, its objectives, its existing network, the complementarity with potential partners, the expertise… etc.

A corporate partnership is often seen as a transfer of identity. Therefore, a bad selection of partnerships will unsurprisingly damage the image and reputation of companies. It is important to maintain consistency in the choice of partners because a choice that is too “strategic” could prove irreversible in the long run.


Once again, the way a partnership works can be specific to the companies themselves. In absolute terms, we can still note some general principles.

Some companies may issue patents or accreditations to authenticate their partnership. This is notably the case at Haemers Technologies, where each partner can benefit from licenses that give them the right to use our technologies.

As mentioned above, just as the choice of partners depends on each company, so does the way partnerships work.

It is therefore important to remember that partnerships are beneficial for companies because they allow them to evolve while being confronted with other ways of doing things or thinking. It’s a change, but it’s worth it because it propels us towards better horizons. We come out of it even stronger and more able to adapt to the future.

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