Combatting Fuel Tank Contamination: A Call to Action

Combatting Fuel Tank Contamination: A Call to Action

🚫 Did you know that historically, fuel tanks, especially those for heating oil, were built with single walls and typically lacked any containment measures? Over time, factors like soil moisture have led to corrosion and cracking, causing leaks and, subsequently, soil contamination.

🌱 This issue poses a significant threat to our environment, particularly when these tanks are located under buildings. Contaminated soil not only harms the ecosystem but also complicates land management and usage.

🌟 But there’s good news : PROMAZ is committed to financially assisting you in soil remediation efforts.

💪 Meanwhile, Haemers offers a swift and cost-effective solution to tackle this challenge head-on. Together, we can protect our precious soil resources and ensure a safer, cleaner environment for future generations.

🗨️ Let’s join forces to address this critical issue! Contact Promaz and Haemers Technologies today for more information on how we can help you make a positive impact.

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