TechTalks – Episode 1 : How does the Smart Burners system work ? 🌱

TechTalks – Episode 1 : How does the Smart Burners system work ? 🌱

Welcome to the first episode of our exciting new series, TechTalks! In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of soil remediation with Smart Burners. Let’s explore the innovative technology that’s revolutionizing the way we restore contaminated soil.

Two-Phase Process:
The principle behind Smart Burners involves a two-phase process:
1️⃣ Heating: The soil is heated to a temperature where contaminants vaporize.
2️⃣ Contaminant Treatment: Polluted gases are extracted, and the contaminants are either oxidized at high temperatures or collected separately through condensation.

✅ Clean Soil: The result is purified soil that can be safely reused.
✅ Flexibility: Smart Burners consist of small heating units connected to steel tubes, providing easy transportation, installation, and demobilization.
✅ Efficient Circulation: Stainless steel heating tubes are inserted into the soil, enabling hot air to circulate and achieve the required temperature.
✅ Temperature Range: The system operates within a range of 600°C to 900°C, effectively vaporizing contaminants (typically between 90°C to 250°C, depending on the contaminant).

💡 Why Choose Smart Burners?
Smart Burners offer an efficient and reliable solution for soil remediation. With their modular design and precise temperature control, they provide flexibility and ease of use. By eliminating contaminants, the process ensures the soil’s reusability while leaving no residual pollution behind.

🔔 Stay tuned for our upcoming episodes, where we’ll explore more exciting technologies and innovations!

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