Event “Meet Vietnam”

Event “Meet Vietnam”

💡 We are proud to announce that Haemers Technologies will be participating in the 33nd Annual International Soil, Water, Energy and Air Conference, organized by AEHS Foundation, in San Diego (CA), from March 18 to 21!

🗣️ John Sankey will represent us and share his expertise in the field of soil remediation and discuss the latest industry trends and innovations through our 3 presentations:

👉 The Power of Partnering
👉 Innovative Underground Skimming Technology for Efficient LNAPL Recovery
👉 Treatment by thermal desorption of TPH contaminated dehydrated sludges

We also invite you to come and meet him to discuss your soil remediation needs, share your ideas and explore new opportunities for your business development.

This conference is a unique opportunity to meet experts from around the world and make valuable connections.

🤝 We look forward to meeting you there!

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