HT and HEC signed a license agreement for Thermal Desorption in 3 Chinese Provinces


HT and HEC signed a license agreement for Thermal Desorption in 3 Chinese Provinces

Haemers Technologies (HT) and Zhejiang Huanyao Environmental Construction Company ‘HEC’ are jointly pleased to announce that HEC is now a part of HT’s Remediation family joining many other companies in the world who promote more sustainable remediation technologies in their own markets. Both companies signed a Non Exclusive Commercial License agreement to work on different remediation projects in the Chinese Provinces of Zheijang, Jiangsu and Jianxi, and this marks a continuation of Haemers’ presence in the Region.


HT is known in the soil remediation industry for its Smart Burners. “It is an exciting development for our company to team up with a very well respected organization such as HEC to provide HT’s cutting-edge thermal desorption technologies into the Eastern Chinese market”, said Jan Haemers, CEO of Haemers Technologies. “This partnership reflects HT’s continuous desire to collaborate with companies that share the same passion for technology, sustainability and environment”.

As Xu Song, Chairman of the Board of HEC, declared: “It’s a historic and significant moment for our company’s development, witnessing breakthrough in substantial partnership with international peers. We are excited to promote and apply HT’s sustainable Technologies in China and extend the range of services we provide to our customers. And the signed agreement will allow us to gain positive experience in operating Haemers equipment for contaminated soil thermal desorption treatment. This will allow us to provide technologies for a sustainable development in China, and recycling of former industrial land. This will also help us maintaining our Customer’s total costs at a low level as our License agreement is focused on having a very large part of the work done by HEC’s local staff, after training by HT”.

Jason Mi, Executive President of HEC’s Environmental Research Institute (HERI), added that against the backdrop of EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) concluding its negotiation at end of 2020, both parties will make joint efforts in fulfilling long-term, trustful and win-win results. As soil remediation market in China has kicked off in recent years, it has tremendous potential following the development trajectory in western countries. HEC and HERI are definitely looking forward to coming partnership with HT and developing the market together.

It is refreshing to see that even in these strange times of Covid, the goal remains the same for most of us: to be committed to a better environment and green recovery!


About Haemers Technologies

Haemers Technologies is a Belgian company specialized in soil remediation through thermal desorption.

Its engineers are the inventors of the first mobile thermal systems, Smart BurnerTM technology, reducing costs and environmental impact of thermal treatment, and increasing its applicability to in situ projects and remote sites.

Through the last 10 years The Smart BurnerTM technology continues to evolve and improve by bringing new features (lower energy consumption for instance). The last development being a major step forward towards a more reliable, controllable process, wider applications and a larger variety of fuel types accepted.

About HEC

Since 2008, HEC is in the business of soil and groundwater remediation, the treatment of hazardous waste and comprehensive environmental consulting services to local governments and industries. In order to enhance its competitiveness in the Region, HEC has set up Zhejiang Huanyao Environmental Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as “HERI”) to look for international partnership in soil and groundwater remediation as well as other green technologies.

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