Haemers Technologies and Razmax signed a license agreement for Thermal Desorption in Russia


Haemers Technologies and Razmax signed a license agreement for Thermal Desorption in Russia

Haemers Technologies (HT) is pleased to announce that the Federal Group of Engineering Companies ‘Razmax’ is now a part of our Remediation family joining Icaro, Arkil and others. Both companies signed an agreement to work on different remediation projects in the Russian Federation, and this marks the first partnership in that region for HT.

HT is known in the soil remediation industry for its Smart Burners. “It is an exciting development for our company to team up with a very professional organization such as Razmax to provide HT’s cutting-edge thermal desorption technologies into the Russian market,” said Jan Haemers, CEO of Haemers Technologies.

This partnership reflects HT’s desire to collaborate with companies that share the same passion for technology and environment.

As Eduard Grishin, Engineering Director of FGEC “Razmax”, declared: “We hope that the signed agreement will allow us to gain positive experience in operating Haemers equipment for heat treatment. This will allow us to solve environmental problems while maintaining the Customer’s total costs at a low level without involving specialized third-party organizations that bring certain risks to the dismantling project”.

It is refreshing to see that even in these strange times of Covid, the goal remains the same for most of us: to be committed to a better environment.

About Haemers Technologies

Haemers Technologies is a Belgian company specialized in soil remediation through thermal desorption.

Its engineers are the inventors of the first mobile thermal systems, Smart BurnerTM technology, reducing costs and environmental impact of thermal treatment, and increasing its applicability to in situ projects and remote sites.

Through the last 5 years The Smart BurnerTM technology continues to evolve and improve by bringing new features (lower energy consumption for instance). The last development being a major step forward towards a more reliable, controllable process, wider applications and a larger variety of fuel types accepted.

About RazMax

Razmax is the most experienced company in the Russian market of industrial area redevelopment with more than 3.000 implemented projects. Since 2012, the company creates and develops technologies for improvement of demolition of hazardous production facilities.

They are a full cycle engineering company, they provide a range of services in the field of site preparation for new construction, saving time and resources of the Client and minimizing the time and the financial risks at each stage of the project.

Since 2017, FGEC “Razmax” has been closely cooperating with federal and regional government bodies under the priority project “Clean Country”. The company performs works on design and expert review of project documentation, as well as elimination of accumulated environmental damage: demolition and dismantling of buildings and structures, reclamation and remediation of lands damaged as a result of previous economic activities, reclamation of municipal and solid waste dumps and landfills.

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