Haemers Technologies, Inc. (formerly TPS Technologies, Inc.) Enters North American Thermal Remediation Market

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Haemers Technologies, Inc. (formerly TPS Technologies, Inc.) Enters North American Thermal Remediation Market

Wake Forest, NC, Sep. 20, 2022 — Haemers Technologies, Inc. (formerly TPS Technologies, Inc.), announced its decision to furnish in situ and on-site thermal remediation technologies to the North American market.

Haemers Technologies is the leading company in Soil Thermal Desorption, distinguished by high contaminant removal efficiency with low operating costs and efficient energy consumption. Although thermal-based soil and groundwater remediation offers the promise of short timeframe to comply with regulatory requirements, available technologies in the US market come at the expense of high capital costs and energy demands. Today’s announcement marks an important step in the aspiration of providing widespread affordable and sustainable thermal remediation in North America.

Jan Haemers, CEO of Haemers Technologies, Inc., and inventor of Smart Burners stated he is “very excited to return to the US market, where we tested our first in situ thermal technologies in 2002. We have spent almost 20 years in improving thermal desorption, both in situ and on site, to make it the most sustainable technology with a very low energy consumption, while achieving very high removal rates.

Energy is the major cost consideration in subsoil thermal remediation methods.  Haemers Technologies focuses its research on the development of energy-efficient and low operating cost systems.  The company’s current systems offer the most energy efficient ratings available.

Jan Haemers added “with the European market strongly driven by energy consumption and overall sustainability, we have been focused on the subject for two decades. This is the right time to offer these advanced technologies to the US market.”  Smart Burners’ ease of use, cost effectiveness, and success has been documented in numerous papers and conference proceedings, making it the most validated option for thermal desorption.  The technology is covered by international and US patents for treating a wide variety of contaminants including US Patent No.  10,259,024 B2.   Haemers Technologies, Inc. is the exclusive licensee for the US market.

Haemers Technologies ties its success to systematic cooperation methods among stakeholders during the implementation of highly specialized heating technology.  By sublicensing Smart Burners to environmental consultants and contractors, implementation approaches incorporate environmental experts’ skill and local know-how that allow reaching cleanup goals more efficiently. Haemers provides specialized equipment, monitoring tools, and technical support for all stages of the project, including design, construction, pilot testing, implementation, and performance monitoring. This strategy empowers users, grows local knowledge, and encourages environmental stewardess.

About Haemers Technologies

Haemers Technologies is a global leader in remediation technology development and implementation. Their history dates to 1989 in Adelanto, California, with the construction and operation of one of the world’s first low-temperature thermal desorption fixed facilities for petroleum-contaminated soil. Haemers growth focused in the European and Asian market, with a recent return to North America as the market’s sustainable technology requirement demands increase.

The company’s team of engineers and scientists have been working in the field of thermal remediation for over 25 years.  They have successfully completed over 80 in situ and 200 on-site remediation projects across four continents and have treated over 8,000,000 tons of soil both at fixed treatment facilities and using on-site and/or in situ thermal remediation technologies.

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