Haemers Technologies, Inc.’s first webinar!

HT, Inc.Webinar

Haemers Technologies, Inc.’s first webinar!

A few weeks ago, we announced our decision to furnish In Situ and on-site Thermal Remediation technologies to the North American market.

Energy is the major cost consideration in subsoil Thermal Remediation methods. We have spent nearly 20 years improving our Thermal Desorption technology, making it the most sustainable technology with a very low energy consumption, while achieving very high removal rates. To find out more, we our hosting our very first webinar on “Energy in Thermal Desorption – Which type to choose?”.

An invitation to join us and discover the efficiency of Thermal Desorption with emphasis on energy consumption. We will discuss the different types of energies that can be used in the context of Thermal Desorption and reveal which of these are the most recommended.

This session will take place on Tuesday, October 13 from Noon to 1 PM EDT (9 AM to 10 AM PDT)

Jan Haemers, CEO of Haemers Technologies, Inc., and inventor of the Smart Burner technology will be our guest speaker.

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