Haemers Technologies launches its online training center: HT Academy

Haemers Technologies online training center

Haemers Technologies launches its online training center: HT Academy

We are happy to present our e-learning platform: HT Academy!

As digital transformation is becoming more and more important, we decided to develop our own e-learning platform: HT Academy. Its purpose is to train our licensees of all trades: engineers, site supervisors, salespeople or others to use and sell our technologies. Each learner has a profile that allows him or her not only to follow various training courses (ranging from intellectual property training to site monitoring training, including marketing training), but also to interact and collaborate with the different members and the HT coach.

Therefore, to learn about our technology, nothing is easier than our interactive e-learning platform! Numerous tutorials, powerpoints, quizzes and more are at your disposal. Everyone can learn at their own pace, from anywhere in the world. The training programs also contain question and answer sessions, practical sessions and exams that accredit learners with certificates. In addition, a catalog provides open access to various modules and courses.

Would you like to know more about HT Academy?
Check out the video and feel free to contact us at academy@haemers-tech.com

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