International Women’s Rights Day at Haemers Technologies

International Women's Day

International Women’s Rights Day at Haemers Technologies

We asked to some of the women at Haemers Technologies what their thoughts on gender equality are, based on their experiences. Here are their outtakes on the matter.

A. Jordens - Team Leader Innovation & Project Engineer

I studied Bio-Engineering. I think that in the auditoriums we were a majority of girls, I would say 60%. After graduating from university, I found myself in a soil remediation engineering office, it is true that the number of girls has drastically decreased. Nevertheless, I worked in the office, I did some work on site. I found myself on a site surrounded by men, to sometimes have to take charge of things, and it went extremely well. I really had a great contact with the people there!

Picture of Aline Jordens
Picture of Katia Pacella
K. Pacella - Project Engineer

I’m a Project Engineer and I am involved in both field and management work.

I work mainly with male colleagues and often, I was the only girl in meetings of really important technical-contractual decisions, but I never had problems in saying what I think because I have always been respected and appreciated for my work.

My wish for all women is to always fight for their goals, especially in situations where there will miss a female support and you are the only female voice that can make the difference.

A. Desire - Chemist

I trained in water treatment and soil remediation, these studies allowed me to discover the laboratory and the industrial environments. What is unfortunate is that these are areas where women are very under-represented. Yet this is an extremely interesting area where the qualities of men and women are useful. Having been able to work on construction sites, I have always been well received and have a very good memory of it.

Picture of Audrey Desire
Picture of Sigrid Willame
S. Willame - Chief Operating Officer

More than 25 years of work experience taught me that companies need both feminine and masculine values to take better balanced decisions, therefore Women need to be present everywhere and both men and women shouldn’t hesitate to put forward and praise their feminine side.

A. Papa - Digital Marketeer

I am a Digital Marketeer at Haemers, my main mission, among others, is to shoot and edit videos. Thus, I am in contact with all of the company’s departments and it has made me realize that it isn’t easy to be a woman in a predominantly male society. We often have to fight twice as hard as they do to prove ourselves. However, this should not be the case. I believe we’ve already proven ourselves enough, but we are here, we continue to show that we are strong. We can do as much as a man.

Picture of Aurelie Papa
Picture of Grace Mingiedi
G. Mingiedi - Webmaster & Team Leader Brand & Notoriety

I followed a professional training as a Web Developer in a technical school of which the motto is “L’informatique au fémin”. At first sight, noobody could expect that I do coding because it’s a predominantly male industry. Like more and more women, I fell in love with the magic of programming, and that’s what has opened the doors of my current position and allows me to manage the company’s website. I encourage young girls not to hesitate to enter technical professions, we need more women.

Y. Li - Purchasing Manager

I’m Purchasing Manager at Haemers Technologies, I studied Management in China and France. For work, I don’t see the difference between woman and man, the objective is the same, being professional and figuring out problems. I agree neither the housework should be only shouldered by women, nor the engineer work is mainly for men. I believe girls can do everything. The world may not be equal, but we should fight to make it better.

Picture of Yanhong Li
Picture of Nadia Leroy
N. Leroy - HR Manager

At Haemers Technologies, first and foremost we base our recruitment on skills, but I am quite proud to have already hired women welder and engineers. Our team has a very diversified DNA.

The concern is that there are not enough women in technical studies. We have 25% of talented women among our engineers… And they are delighted to receive their PPE: helmet, overalls and safety shoes to go to our various sites. Secondary education has a major role to play… in promoting technical business among female students.

Of course, if a man applies as an Assistant, his CV will be taken into account…too. Because man is an ordinary woman after all ?.

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