In Situ Thermal Desorption (ISTD) using Smart Burners

In Situ Thermal Desorption using Smart Burners Technology was specifically developed to solve soil pollution problems. ISTD can solve remediation problems which could not be solved with other technologies. This is the perfect answer in urban areas. Each light weight heater is designed for in-situ works in open, as well as in confined environments (such as basements or existing buildings).

The benefits of using Smart Burners for ISTD:

  • Sustainable and complete remediation in short time

    No contaminant left behind

  • Remediation under existing buildings

    No demolition of buildings. Soil can be cleaned without excavation, even in difficult approachable spots

  • Even in difficult access areas

    Inside buildings and near infrastructure

  • Limited nuisances for the neighbourhood

    Excavation, noise, dust, odors, traffic, etc.

  • All organic contaminants and all soil types

    With thermal desorption all organic contaminants can be treated

  • Reduction of energy costs and ecological system

    Hydrocarbons are volatilized during a thermal desorption process, they are extracted of high temperature and their energetic content could be reused.

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