On December 3 & 4, our valiant teammate Jean Rhoné took on the challenge to participate to one of the oldest trail races in France, the SaintéLyon, which links Saint Etienne to Lyon via trails and roads at night.

Jean completed it in 7 hours and 37 minutes. It was 78 km with 2200 D+ elevation, which made the run one of the most physically demanding race he’s ever done. He finished the race at the 56° position out of 7000 runners. But the satisfaction was at its peak when he was welcomed by his parents in his home town : Lyon. This made the moment even more special.

🤝 We are particularly honoured to have supported Jean in his passion and in this journey. We were happy to have sponsored him for such an event.

We stay true to our values and once again, we remain united as a team!

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