SPONSORSHIP: Vulcain Trail

SPONSORSHIP: Vulcain Trail

Last week, our teammate Jean Rhoné achieved his first goal of the season by participating in the Vulcain Trail, which consists of 49 km of running with 1900 D+ elevation.

Jean completed it in 4 hours and 24 minutes, which is an average of 11km/h, and came in 14th place out of 800!

The departure was from Volvic in Auvergne under -2°C. The trail goes through the heart of the Puys chain, that is to say ancient Volcanoes and gives him magnificent views.

We are particularly honoured to have supported Jean in his passion and in this journey. We were happy to have sponsored him for such an event.

And now, on the way to the 90 km of Mont Blanc in June!

We stay true to our values and once again, we remain united as a team!

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