TechTalks – Episode 2 : Conductive Heating with Smart Burners Technology

TechTalks – Episode 2 : Conductive Heating with Smart Burners Technology

Unlike other in-situ thermal remediation methods, Smart Burners stand out by heating the subsurface through conduction. This approach ensures a more uniform and efficient heat transport, regardless of soil type, stratigraphy, or heterogeneity.

But what’s so special about it ?
The secret lies in the thermal conductivity of soil types, which varies by a factor of less than 5, compared to fluid conductivities that can range over several orders of magnitude.

And what’s the result ?
With Smart Burners, we can reliably and predictably sweep 100% of the target zone, achieving desired results within a typical timeframe of 30-45 days.

What sets us apart is our ability to heat the treatment zone past the boiling point of water, effectively vaporizing contaminants, whether volatile, semi-volatile, or non-volatile. This cost-effective solution is unmatched in the field of in-situ thermal remediation.

Additionally, Smart Burners ensures a net negative pressure within the treatment zone and the air pollution control system, preventing fugitive emissions and maintaining environmental integrity.

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