We took part in a historic moment !

We took part in a historic moment !

🌟 Our CEO, Jan Haemers, had the privilege of participating in a significant ceremony hosted by Speaker Eliane Tillieux of the House of Representatives of Belgium on November 7th in Brussels.

πŸ” Through Haemers Technologies and supported by Finexpo, Belgium is taking a momentous step to address the Agent Orange toxic soil issue in Vietnam.

πŸ‘ The Belgian Chamber of Representatives passed a groundbreaking resolution on October 5th, becoming the world’s first parliament to pledge support for Agent Orange/dioxin victims during the Vietnam War!

During the ceremony, we were joined by Tran To Nga, a courageous Vietnamese survivor of Agent Orange, and Minister of State AndrΓ© Flahaut, who championed this resolution in 2021.

🀝 This momentous occasion reinforces our dedication to creating a better world and demonstrates that when nations come together, we can make a difference.

🌍 Let’s continue to work hand in hand for a safer and cleaner world!

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