Quick overview of our current ISTD Site on Eni Refinery in Gela (Sicily)

Gela V.T.U. in Eni Refinery with Lunar Eclipse (blood moon) / July 2018

Quick overview of our current ISTD Site on Eni Refinery in Gela (Sicily)

Have a glimpse of our In Situ Thermal Remediation project in Eni’s Refinery in Gela (Sicily, Italy), in operation 24/7.


Can you guess what is shown on this picture?

It’s actually a “V.T.U.” as we call it, which actually means “Vapour Treatment Unit”. What is its purpose? It’s quiet simple! As the soil heats, the contaminants vaporize and are extracted then sent through a pipe network to the V.T.U. where they’ll be treated. The treatment is done by a chemical reaction that neutralize contaminants and blowes only clean vapour.

Have you missed it? There’s a tiny Blood Moon shining between the tanks! It occured on July 27th 2018, during the Lunar Eclipse.

Want to know more about Gela’s project?

As “Oil & Gas refinery”, we can easily guess that this site is mainly polluted by hydrocarbons. It is a really common pollutant, that we can find often below or near buildings, in urban and industrial areas. Therefore, Thermal Desorption In situ was chosen as technology to remediate Eni’s soil, that will allow to remediate the impacted soil without moving it to a treatment facility.

Due to its tremendous size, this project will need several months before being successfully treated. That is why Haemers Technologies’ engineers designed a gridded remediation that implies to treat it per batch, ensuring that every portion of land is clean. As the first steps of this decontamination went very well, we hope that the next stages will be successful !

This remediation wouldn’t happen without our consortium with SIMAM and Icaro Ecology, that makes it a wonderful Partnership Project.

Want to get more informations about this site? Get a resume on its Reference Sheet here.

More pictures of Eni’s Refinery site in Gela

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