SITE NEWS: full scale ESTD pile in Poland

Haemers Technologies Vapor Treatment Unit

SITE NEWS: full scale ESTD pile in Poland

The first full scale pile of our ESTD site in Świętochłowice, Poland, in collaboration with REMEA Poland and Menard, has started.

A total of 43 burners are used in order to treat 1500 tons of polluted soil with PAH, Phenol and BTEX. Furthermore, we are treating the pile with a new Vapor Treatment Unit system.

The expected treatment time is 60 days.

Another progress in soil remediation towards a more sustainable future!

Interested about the technology we are applying? Learn more here!

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of this great achievement:

Haemers Technologies ESTD pile and Vapor Treatment UnitHaemers Technologies Vapor Treatment Unit

Haemers Technologies ESTD pile in Poland

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