SITE NEWS: pilot ESTD pile in Vietnam

Haemers Technologies ESTD pile in Vietnam

SITE NEWS: pilot ESTD pile in Vietnam

We have been able to take over an ESTD project started 2 years ago and located at Biên Hòa Airbase in Vietnam. Indeed, the heating has now started and this, in collaboration with The Ministry of Defense of Vietnam – The Center for Technology Environmental Treatment/Chemical Force (CTET/CF) and the GAET Corporation.

This project is a pilot to prove the effectiveness of thermal desorption and thermal oxidation in the treatment of dioxin contaminated soil (Agent Orange residuals from the Vietnam War).
The volume of soil to be treated is 237 m³ using 15 heating tubes. We aim at 4 to 6 weeks of treatment.

As always, it is the partnerships that lead to great success!

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